The Vitoria Txagorritxu Hospital (Spain) incorporates access for intensive care by Grupsa

The new expansion of the Araba Txagorritxu Hospital will be ready in the coming months. The new provision, valued at 50 million euros, has 25,000 square meters distributed over six floors, which includes a new sterilization unit, emergencies, the new Intensive Care Unit, as well as several operating rooms and the unit of gynecology and neonatal. Within […]

Grupsa installs its icu access systems at The Panama Clinic

Grupsa Panama has participated in the recently built The Panama Clinic (TPC), one of the most important recent hospital facilities in health services in the Central American and Caribbean region located in Panama City. The clinic is a 29-story building containing a total of 88 rooms covering different specialties, within the Pacific Center multifunctional complex, a project with more […]

Grupsa Global. The new brand of Grupsa Door Systems.

Grupsa Door Systems following its line of brand evolution and Strategic Plan 2020-2024 selects Tormadoor, for the launch of ‘GRUPSA GLOBAL’ that takes over as the brand of the technological company in door systems to face the new challenges of the Special Technical Doors market. Focused on innovation, simplicity, digitalization and globality, GRUPSA GLOBAL is also the new […]

GRUPSA updates BIM models of hermetic doors in Hospital System range

Grupsa has renewed BIM models of Sliding and Swing Doors from Hospital System range. The new series of types made include our opening systems for automatic opening without contact, avoiding the spread of pathogens and diseases; the different possible standard dimensions as well as the different profiles as materials. Thanks to this, the architects can find a customized […]

Grupsa, at the Bar Llan University in Israel

The Bar Llan University in Ramat Gan is the second most important university in Israel, being an international biomedical and technological research. Grupsa is present in the new accesses made at the University, which has expanded its facilities to increase its capacity of students and teaching professionals. The option has been an Automatic Revolving Door RS-Color of 3 door […]

Doors for Intensive Care Units and Isolated Areas of Grupsa

The intensive care area of ​​a hospital is an especially delicate area when it comes to planning, architectural design and construction, due to the demanding functional, structural and organizational requirements. Grupsa’s Intensive Care Door Systems (ICU) and Isolation Areas have the highest safety, quality and aseptic benefits to prevent the spread of pathogens in patients who require greater attention and […]

GRUPSA launches its new Operator GSRD-05 for Automatic Revolving Doors

Grupsa launches its new operator GSRD-05 for Automatic Revolving Doors Your new device incorporates a new design that reduces maintenance costs, as well as a new intelligent control screen and easy to read. GRUPSA, a manufacturer of automatic accesses, launches its new operator GSRD-05 for Revolving Doors, the fifth generation of the original model launched […]

Conditions of asepsis and disinfection in the area of ​​hospital pharmacy and sterilization

The conditions of asepsis and disinfection in the areas of hospital pharmacy and sterilization of a hospital are intended to eliminate any type of pathogenic element that could contaminate the workspace. Asepsis, that is, the absence of septic matter. It is achieved through a set of procedures called sterilization, which destroy all pathogens and prevent […]

Grupsa, at FIME 2019

Grupsa is once again present at the most important American International Healthcare Fair, FIME 2019, held in the city of Miami (USA). This year it has gathered more than 2000 exhibitors and more than 50,000 visitors on this occasion. Grupsa, for the second consecutive year, has participated as an exhibitor (within GT Hospital) with our two product ranges for […]

Privacy glass in ICU and Isolated Boxes

Privacy Glass in ICU and isolated boxes Grupsa Hospital System Doors can integrate the privacy glazing system that through an opaque opalescent thermoelectric glass electronic screen in “On” position and transparent in “Off” position. The privacy glass allows to maintain the privacy of the patient in Intensive Care Units (ICU), Isolated … maintaining the same […]